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Professional Masterclass


Our Masterclasses are energetic, physical and demanding on the body. We aim to give you the opportunity to go on a movement journey, building characterisation, expression and creative freedom, giving individuals an insight to the professional world of dance.  


Our classes are designed to help individuals realise their own unique way of moving. The main emphasis is shifting the body around the space whilst finding rotations around the spine, exploring the use of weight and suspension. There will also be a phrase that is a fusion of Modern, Ballet and Contemporary techniques. 

Learn Repetoire

You will get the opportunity to learn Repertoire that is influenced by a series of choreographers Glenn & Sandrine have worked with over the course of their career as well as choreography from their own body of work.

Creative Movement 

You will have the chance to exercise your creativity by developing dance material, applying choreographic tasks enabling you create something of your own.

Character Development.

 You will gain tools on how develop  a unique, three-dimensional character with depth, personality, and clear motivations that coincides with movement, enabling  you to show strength in both disciplines.

Audition Techniques 

Audition prep

Building confidence 

Managing yourself 



At the end of the masterclass we invite you to ask questions about life as a professional dancer, auditions, injury prevention and networking. 

Glenn has been an inspiration to me as a dancer for many years, to be able to of had this time with him was so impactful. He has such amazing energy which is infectious. In class he pushes you to your best every time, sharing is knowledge and pure love for the arts is such an inspiring aura to be around. Every time Glenn has taught me I have left with so many new skills, all of which I will carry throughout the rest of my career.

Megan Ferguson

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